About Me

Haley Woods is an NYU Graduate from Tisch School of the Arts with over 20years of promotion/event marketing experience working all sorts of jobs and with a myriad of amazing clients.

Haley Woods is the CEO and founder of a global community of active and aspiring womxn travelers, known as Girls LOVE Travel. Haley's company encourages womxn to go out and explore abroad as well as the world around them!

Haley started Girls LOVE Travel in 2015 after already living a nomadic life for nearly 4 years and looking to find a better way to connect and stay connected with others while exploring the world.

GLT exponentially grew beyond her wildest dreams and she had her first opportunity to visit Facebook HQ in early 2017.

Following this gathering and realizing that she needed to have a more flexible schedule for the unknown future, Haley decided to take the leap away from other traditional jobs - and started to oversee the community full time.

Since this decision, she has been able to meet and travel with fellow GLTers on all 7 continents in 2018 and 2019.

Now with these covid times and the worldwide travel halt - Girls LOVE Travel is looking at how we can best support travel enthusiasts even while no one is traveling.

A lot is happening behind the scenes to take GLT into the future... so stay tuned!


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